Water Features

Three main types of Water Features.

"Since about 1988 I have been building water features. I have seen a lot of changes in how they are constructed and over time have developed 3 types of water features, pondless, pools and free standing." Ken focuses on helping people choose the best water feature for their area and their budget.

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River Walk

This beautiful water feature follows the stone steps as the descend down from the deck and hottub area to the stone patio. Surrounded by several types of green ground cover, it makes the area even more special.

Stoney Falls

The gentle sound of water is relaxing in any setting but makes the perfect addition to any deck, patio or even one of our Dry Pergolas where friends and families gather to enjoy each other's company.

Cascade Basin

Follow the winding flow of the water over the falls and into the beautiful pond. Surrounded with beautiful, colorful flowers and decorative, round stone, the whole area also offers stylish lighting.

The Lovers

This unique sculpture with a built-in water feature makes the great centerpiece for a beautiful garden setting. We'll help you choose the water features and designs that best fit your style.

The Gentle River

Gentle rapids wind and flow gently down a small incline before ending in a decorative pond. A wide variety of foliage and many different sizes of stone surround this wonderful oasis in your own back yard.

Three Stone

Three sandstone blocks tower over the field of decorative gravel. Water flows from the top of all three block and trickles down over the rocks creating a gentle, soothing sound with great aesthetics.

Three Great Water Feature Styles


Pondless water features became popular after the people who had ponds got tired of the maintenance associated with ponding. Pondless water features have water flowing down as a stream or falling and crashing as in a waterfall but ending in gravel filled underground basin instead of a pond. Basically we fill the pond in with gravel and eliminate maintenance and risk associated with open water.


The big advantage of the pond or ponding as it is called is in the growth of beautiful water plants and fish. Many find great pleasure in the nurture of stunning flowers and the fun of watching fish grow in size and friendliness. I have seen great glee and excitement of children and adults when feeding their fish. It’s like having a giant aquarium outdoors with beautifully colored water friends.

Free Standing

Free standing water features have gained a lot of popularity as the combine the beauty of the movement of water with the sound of the splash. These features do not have to be large and are often movable in that event.

Amazing Water Features.

We have access to 4 acres of stone gathered from around the eastern United States that poses all sorts of character and opportunity for creative arrangement. We can drill a hole in almost anything and turn it into an amazing water feature.

Beautiful and Soothing Water!