Since about 2000 the desire for pools in north eastern Ohio has grown pretty dramatically.

We have developed some amazing outdoor living spaces and realize that these are projects that require close attention to detail. Planning and coordination of all trades is very important. I have learned who to work with and who to stay away from.

Pools come down to a few basic choices, diving pools and play pools. The trend is away from diving pools, which dedicate a lot of space to the diving area, and toward play pools that have a lot of shallow area for fun and games. Volley ball and basketball areas in play pools are very popular. Steps and even seating areas also provide cooling spaces without the need to swim. Slides are also gaining popularity but according to insurance companies are more dangerous than diving boards.

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The Lagoon

The Lagoon

This beautiful lagoon provides a central feature for the adjacent bar, cooking area and fireplace. The covered pavilion also offers a respite from the bright sun on hot days.

The Grand pool

The Grand pool

A full size pool with surrounding stone patio offers includes a diving board and 3 entries including 2 easy access stairs. To highlight the pool, a central medallion glimmers under the water.

Emerald Oasis

Emerald Oasis

With a wonderfully receptive entry way, this pool features and angled design on both ends and easy entry steps. It fits perfectly in the smaller patio area and backyard environment.

Central Bay

Central Bay

This pool is centrally located and becomes the focal point of the entire back yard making sure that everyone can enjoy playing and splashing all summer long. It even includes a bar and grill.

Sea Overlook

Sea Overlook

Featuring a raised patio area that can actually be used as a stage for parties, this beautiful pool is ideal for those who enjoy large gatherings for friends, families and even business associates.

Blue Loch

Blue Loch

Surrounded by a variety of decorative stone and decorative foliage, it provides a wonderful get away from the cares of life. Then entire family can enjoy the cool water in the warm sun - your own little oasis!

The Right Project Needs The Right Materials

Real Creativity.

The two types of construction methods that work best in north eastern Ohio are shotcrete and vinyl liner pools. In certain neighborhoods shotcrete pools are the norm. Shotcrete allows for a lot of creativity in the creation of underwater benches, steps and shapes. Geysers can erupt from beneath the surface providing hours of entertainment for the young ones. In short Shotcrete costs more, but gives you much more flexibility.

Budget Conscious.

Vinyl liner pools are built to standards as designed by the manufactures. Shapes are often rectangles but organic shapes are available. The industry is making headway by introducing preformed steps and underwater seating areas that allow more creative design of vinyl pools. Improvement in the manufacturing of the vinyl has increased the life of vinyl to 15 years or better. This style of pool is what I call a value pool, as you will get a lot for the money.

Landscape Design Associates handles any size project.

Whether you want a small pool for your family to enjoy or you are always entertaining, we can help you choose the pool and deck that is right for your home. Give Landscape Design Associates a call today and start the summer off with a splash!

The Whole Process is Completely Painless!

Step 1

Conceptual Plan

Based on our discussions, we will create a color rendered plan of the project with a complete list of materials and a full quote. This plan will give you a complete design of the project that we can discuss before making a more finalized plan.

Step 2

2nd Conceptual Plan

This is where me make the final changes to the design and the quote after a discussion with you. We'll walk you through the whole process and generate a final color rendered plan. We will work with you to get exactly what you want.

Step 3

Construction Drawings

This is where we really get things going! A complete production plan and drawings will be created and we will schedule your project. At this point, you will now exactly when you can start enjoying your new creations!